Mohamed Al Fayed: Diana's Last Words

Daily Mirror

"When I walked into the hospital, they told me that Diana had just died."

'As he stood in stunned silence on the floor where Diana had died, a French official he recognised approached and said that a nurse wanted to talk to him privately. He says "This nurse said she recognized me and had something important to tell me. But she was insistent that nobody would know her identity because it was unethical of her to pass on confidential information from an operating theatre.

"I understood and agreed never to reveal who she was. She then said that Diana had been slipping in and out of consciousness.

"And her last words as conveyed to me by this nurse were: 'I would like all my possessions in Dodi's apartment, to be given to my sister Sarah, including my jewellery and my personal clothes, and please tell her to take care of my boys'

"For me to have a message from a mother through a nurse to her children was so important because Diana lived for nearly two hours in the operating theatre.

"She felt she was going, she wanted to give a message for her kids. I was the first person there and I know what happened. People have tried to say that I invented this conversation. But how could anyone do such a thing. And why on earth would a nurse in that situation wish to mislead me?

"I will not betray the confidence of that nurse because she told me not to. There are 2,000 people working in that hospital. As she spoke to me, she covered her name badge.

"She said, if I hadn't appeared at the hospital, she would have come to the Ritz to find me."

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