Movie of Arrival and Departure at the Ritz Hotel

Date Time Place Event
30 Aug. 3:20 pm Le Bourget Airport, outside Paris Dodi and Diana arrive on Fayed's jet from Olbia, Sardinia.

3:45 pm Fayed's apartment (Rue Arsene-Houssaye) Henri Paul drops off luggage at Fayed's apartment

Villa Windsor Couple tours the villa for approximately 40 minutes

4:35 pm The Ritz, Paris Dodi and Diana arrive from Villa Windsor

Imperial Suite, Ritz Diana phones Richard Kay, Daily Mail columnist: she is to radically change her life.

Dodi calls his cousin: Dodi hopes to marry Diana by year end.

5:30 pm Ritz Photographers appear at front

6:00 - 6:30 pm Ritz Diana goes to get her hair done

6:00 - 6:30 pm Repossi's Jewelers Dodi, accompanied by bodyguards, picks up the Tell Me Yes ring

7:00 pm Ritz Dodi and Diana exit Ritz back door.

7:05 pm Sephero perfumerie, Champs Elysees Dodi's driver delivers Dodi & Diana; photographers force their return to Dodi's house.

7:05 pm Ritz Henri Paul leaves for his house on the Rue des Petits-Champs

7:15 pm Dodi's apartment, Rue Arsene-Houssaye Dodi and Diana arrive at apartment. Mobbed by photographers: "The paparazzi literally mobbed the couple," said Wingfield. "That really disturbed and frightened the Princess, even though she was used to paparazzi. These paparazzi were shouting,which made them even more frightening. I had to push them back physically."

7:15 pm - 9:30 pm
Rees-Jones and Wingfield went back outside to calm the paparazzi and tell them they could take pictures as long as they kept a respectable distance.

Diana got dressed in the green living room.

Dodi told his butler, Rene, to have champagne on ice for the couple's return. "Rene, I'm going to propose to her tonight," whispered Dodi, with a smile.

9:30 pm Dodi's house Dodi & Diana depart for Chez Benoit restaurant by car; Dodi's driver.

9:45 pm Mercedes 600 Dourneau contacts Roulet, who was standing outside the restaurant awaiting the couple, and tells him to cancel the dinner reservation, per Dodi's request. Photographers were crowding too closely around the cars. Dourneau tells Roulet they are headed back to the Ritz for dinner.

9:51 pm Ritz Dodi & Diana arrive with some 30 photographers following.

9:55 pm Ritz Henri Paul recalled to the hotel by Tendil (night security manager).

10:00 pm Ritz Imperial Suite Dodi & Diana dine in the hotel restaurant, L'Espadon. Due to stares of other patrons at their casual dress, the left after 10 minutes and dined in the Imperial Suite.

10:08 pm Ritz Henri Paul arrives in his Austin Cooper

23:00 Ritz Imperial Suite Dodi answers his mobile phone. He is asked to hurry the meal and appeared angry.

Ritz Imperial Suite "With dinner over, the decision is made to use Fayed's Mercedes 600 and a Range Rover, the two cars Diana and Fayed had been using all day, as decoy vehicles. . . " With most paparazzi stationed near the Range Rover at the hotel's Place Vendome entrance, fewer lurk near the anonymous service entrance off the 10-foot-wide Rue Cambon." '

There were several motorbikes there in the evening,' says MARIANNE CHEVRIE, who lives nearby and walked home along the Rue Cambon, passing the entrance around 11:00 p.m.
31 August 00:19 Ritz rear hall , Rue Cambon exit HP briefs Dodi and Diana

"Diana and Rees-Jones appear at the small door to meet Paul, who has pulled the black Mercedes within a foot of the curb. The photographers are waiting."

Rees-Jones escorts Diana to the car. She sits on the rear passenger side. Fayed joins her on the rear driver's side. "Paul has the engine running. Some say he was giddy with the photographers. Others claim he openly boasted, 'Tonight you won't catch us.'"

'He was laughing a lot. Many said he wasn't his usual self,' says Jacques Langevin of the Sygma agency, one of the photographers under investigation for involuntary manslaughter."

"In an interview, [photographer Jacques Langevin] recalled seeing Paul...emerge from the Ritz after a decoy van drove off."

He was laughing a lot. A lot of photographers said he wasn't his usual self,' Langevin said." 'The car took off very fast. My car was up the road. There was no way mine could keep up, so I knew it was finished for me,' Langevin said."

"...And the Times of London reports today that (HP) taunted photographers by saying, 'Catch me if you can,' before speeding away ..."

00:21 Place de la Concorde Mohammed Rabouille, cab driver:" 'There was a limousine, a Mercedes with several motorcycles behind and near it. I thought it was an escort, but there were too many (motorcycles) for one car.' He did not count the number. "Nor did it seems to Rabouille that the Mercedes was speeding. 'It was the last Saturday before the end of the summer holidays, so the traffic was pretty thin.' "

00:22 Tunnel Alexandre III THIERRY H. had been driving in the right lane of the express road near the Alexander III Bridge, approximately 800 meters before the Alma tunnel. He was "passed by a vehicle moving at a very high speed. I estimated its speed at about 75 mph to 80 mph. It was a powerful black car, I think a Mercedes... This car was clearly being pursued by several motorcycles, I would say four to six of them. Some were mounted by two riders. These motorcycles were tailing the vehicle and some tried to pull up alongside it."

"BENOIT B., as he is identified in the [police] dossier, was in a car driving on the other side of the tunnel. 'I heard the squeal of tires and then the sound of a minor impact,' Benoit says. 'I saw two vehicles, the first car was dark . . . I think the Mercedes was going so quickly it hit the other car and then lost control.' "

"HUNTER said: 'I was watching television when I heard the crash at exactly 12:25 a.m. There was an almighty crash followed by the sound of skidding, then another crash. My initial thought was that there had been a head-on collision. I went to the window and saw people running towards the tunnel.' "Seconds later, Hunter said, he saw a car turning from the area by the tunnel exit and roaring down the Rue Jean Goujon, the street below. 'I heard a screeching of tires. I saw a small dark car turning the corner at the top of the road. I would say it was racing at 60-70 mph.'" 'My own feeling is that these were people in a hurry not to be there. I am confident that car was getting off the scene. It was obvious they were getting away from something and that they were in a hurry. It looked quite sinister. I can't recall the type of car, but it was a small dark vehicle. It could have been a Fiat Uno or a Renault.' "Hunter said the car was being shadowed by another vehicle, a white Mercedes. He has given a detailed account of the crash to lawyers for Mohamed al-Fayed. He said he had been told his evidence had been passed to French police.

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