Source: The People, Sunday, Nov. 9, 1997, "The Two Vital Questions: Why was Diana kept in the tunnel for 90 minutes? Why did go-slow ambulance take the longest route?" by Stuart Qualtrough and David Brown.

British Tabloid Weekly Continues Expose of French and British Hands In Diana Murder

For the third weekend in a row, the British tabloid weekly The People (circulation 2 million) has published shocking evidence of the French cover-up of the assassination of Princess Diana and Dodi Fayed.

The article began by posing two questions about the French emergency medical treatment of Princess Diana, immediately following the crash: "Why was Diana treated at the roadside for nearly 90 minutes, when medical experts say it is vital a patient should receive hospital care within one hour of a serious accident?

Why was the critically-injured Princess taken to the hospital which was furthest from the crash scene?" According to the story, there were four other hospitals, including a prestigious military hospital where VIPs are routinely taken when they are in need of medical care, that were passed en route to the Pitie Salpetriere, where Diana died, from loss of blood, before her shattered arteries could be repaired.

Not only did the ambulance wait for over an hour before leaving the crash site for the hospital.

The ambulance traveled at under 25 MPH, and, according to The People, it stopped "for ten minutes outside France's Natural History Museum--just a few seconds' drive from the hospital doors." In an accompanying story in the same Nov. 9 The People , it was reported that "Six MI6 agents were stationed at the British Embassy in Paris during the weekend of the crash.

At least one officer had been detailed to shadow Diana and lover Dodi Fayed after they arrived from Sardinia by private jet." The article further charged that the missing Fiat Uno was specially equipped with a switch to stop the brake lights from working, so that it could make a sudden stop and force the Mercedes carrying Princess Diana and Dodi Fayed, which was believed to be right behind the Fiat, to swerve out of control.

"The intelligence services knew Diana was in Paris," the story concluded. "All anyone had to do was wait for an opportunity. That underpass would be a perfect spot. Even at reasonable speeds a serious accident would occur. They could not be certain of killing the Princess or Dodi but they knew at least they could inflict serious injuries."

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