Warnings to Diana After 1995 Interview Attacking House of Windsor

Sept. 2 (EIRNS)-- In the wake of Princess Diana's November 1995 BBC interview in which she more-or-less declared war on the royal family and declared that Prince Charles was unfit to be king, numerous warnings were issued to her, including the following: Lord William Rees-Mogg, in a Times of London column, referred to Diana's Stuart heritage, and wrote:

"Like other historic co-inheritors of Stuart PR gene, the Princess is brilliant at the kingcraft of public image building.... The unfortunate Prince of Wales seems only to have the Windsor gene to guide him... If one takes the long view, and tries to see the Princess of Wales as her role may appear in a hundred years' time, she will then be seen as the great royal star of the late 20th century, the most famous member of the Royal Family since Queen Victoria." But, Rees-Mogg declared, Stuart brilliance "almost always ends in personal tragedy," like that of Mary Queen of Scots, and the Hannoverians have a long future ahead of them.

"God Help the Princess of Wales" was the title of a commentary by Germaine Greer, in which Greer outlined the misfortunes of various Princesses of Wales (there were relatively few of them), especially those who suffered at the hands of the Hanoverian (now Windsor) dynasty. Among these was Princess Caroline of Wales, wife of George IV, who was thrown out of England by her hateful husband. Caroline, however, refused to give up her right to be crowned Queen when George III died, and returned to London to the overwhelming welcome of the general population.

The House of Lords passed an act depriving her of her rights and divorcing her from the King; when she tried, with public support, to enter Westminster Abbey for the coronation, she was physically prevented. "Ten days later, Caroline was dead," Greer concluded. "If Lady Diana Spencer had known the record of this family, if she had had a history [diploma], she might have learnt that the Princess of Wales is a title written in tears." John Keegan, the military historian, had a commentary on the the Daily Telegraph, under a cartoon of Prince Charles looking up, suddenly inspired, at a portrait of Henry VIII (who executed two of his six wives).

Keegan wrote: "The important thing is that [Princess Diana] should set limits to her ambitions. She has said she will not 'go quietly.' She must, however, not go too far.... The people know how much change in the system they desire. If the Princess exceeds their wishes, it is she who will become the casualty, not the monarchy."

Also of interest was a commentary in the New York Times, by author A. N. Wilson, who presented evidence that Diana's television appearance had been scripted by leading Thatcherites. "No one can doubt that this was a skillfully organized attack on the institution of the monarchy itself. Not just on Prince Charles. Not just on the Queen, whom Diana obviously hates. But on the monarchy.... But then, nor had anyone supposed that she would be so self-confident and so well-groomed in her answers.

She has been taking lessons from experts." Wilson noted Diana's recent association with Thatcherites, and noted that Thatcher herself openly despised the Queen; he concluded with the following warning: "The war is not about individuals. It is about the oldest and most durable constitutional monarchy in the world.

The example of Wallis Simpson and Edward VIII should be enough to tell Diana that when it comes to fighting a war, the Establishment can get very nasty indeed, and that for all her undoubted popularity, if she continues to rock the boat in this way, the Establishment will simply get rid of her, as they got rid of Edward and Mrs. Simpson. She might think she will pull down Charles with her. Well, we shall see."

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