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The 2000 meeting of the Bilderberg Group (file size - over 800 kB) was held at the Chateau du Lac in Genval near Bruxelles at the beginning of June. We managed to film most of the attendees - Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands, Henry Kissinger, Etienne Davignon, Pascal Lamy, Kenneth Clarke, and many others. We also managed to obtain both the list of participants and the Official Press Release, and circulate them by email. The Bilderberg section of the site now includes tables listing Bilderberg attendance over more than 10 years, with Steering Committe details, and also broken down by country, as well as pictures of most of the participants, with a view to putting faces to the otherwise endless and rather anonymous lists of names. At this stage only 'data' is provided, and an analysis will be added shortly, relating the issue of Bildrberg to the work of this site.

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The Bilderberg meeting 1-3 June 2000, Genval, Belgium

Bilderberg 2000: Identified Participants

Bilderberg 2000: Wanted Participants

A-Z Table of Bilderberg participants by country

Bilderberg: Austria

Bilderberg: Belgium

Bilderberg Canada

Bilderberg Denmark

Bilderberg Finland

Bilderberg France

Bilderberg Germany

Bilderberg Greece

Bilderberg Iceland

Bilderberg Internationalists (well, actually they're all internationalists, these are the ones that have come out of the closet)

Bilderberg Ireland

Bilderberg Italy

Bilderberg Luxembourg

Bilderberg Netherlands

Bilderberg Norway

Bilderberg Portugal

Bilderberg Spain

Bilderberg Sweden

Bilderberg Switzerland

Bilderberg Turkey

Bilderberg United Kingdom

Bilderberg United States

Bilderberg Miscellaneous countries

We need to look at alternative means of tackling these serious conflict problems, something that Swedish Green Member of the European Parliament, Per Gahrton, has been doing - see his "Refuse Violence".

The European Union

The European Commission Their resignation

Seeing Yugoslavia Through a Dark Glass: Politics, Media and the Ideology of Globalization

A Geostrategic view of the Kosovo Crisis

Kosovo and Kosovo links

The EU and US are working together on the project of world domination, and it becoming clear that the idea of the EU as a counterbalance to the USA is a nonsense, as argued in the first part of an incomplete new piece: "
THE EUROPEAN UNION HAS FAILED TO OVERCOME ITS COLONIAL PAST", now incorporated into a larger piece, called "A Geostrategic View of the Kosovo Crisis".

"Papers on Energy and Electromagnetic Weapons" roughly assembles some of the more potentially useful material on nuclear power the Euratom Treaty, energy saving and renewable energy, plus a special on the new and seriously worrying area of Electromagnetic Weapons.

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